Fleurot, or the Floral Tarot Deck, blends the meanings of the Victorian Language of Flowers with the meanings of the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It puts a new spin on a classic, giving you fresh ways to look at our basic human experiences. Like a traditional Tarot deck, you can use Fleurot as a way to have a conversation with your inner knowing, and to guide you through life more intuitively.

Pre-sale open through July 15th
Decks will ship in August


Fleurot Deck

The deck features 78 botanical cards with an original hand-drawn illustration, each linked to a traditional Rider-Waite tarot card. Each card is numbered and also features a three-word meaning, so you can pull cards and know the meanings without having to refer to a guidebook. A free digital download of the booklet comes with each deck purchase.


Fleurot guidebook

An optional 4x6" add-on booklet which outlines the connection of each plant to the Tarot card it’s paired with, and goes a tiny bit deeper into the traditional Tarot meanings. The booklet also features an introduction with three sample spreads to guide your readings.


Pre-Sale Bonus: Choose a Free Print with Every Deck!

At checkout, specify a month of the year that is significant to you (your birth month, wedding month, a friends birth month…) and you will receive a 5x7” print of that month’s flower, with custom gold watercolor detailing. This gold-accented print is exclusive to the pre-sale, and comes with every deck purchase!


Help us get gold foil!

With a minimum of 100 decks, I can upgrade the printing to include a gold foil edge on the cards, and a gold foil pattern on the box! Wouldn’t that be the most rad?! And the best part is, it won’t raise the cost of the deck.

Help me spread the word: Click below for some downloadable promotional images you can post on social media. And thank you in advance for your support!

Not interested in the pre-sale? No worries.

Decks will be available for sale in the fall, and might even be at your favorite local retail shop!