Fleurot Deck + Guidebook

Fleurot Deck + Guidebook

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The deck features 78 botanical cards, each with an original hand-drawn illustration. Each card features a three-word meaning linked to a traditional Rider-Waite tarot card, so you can pull cards and know the meanings without having to refer to a guidebook. The cards are numbered for easy reference to the Guidebook, and a free digital download of the booklet comes with each deck purchase.

The tuck-top cardstock box is foil-stamped with gold detailing, and the edges of the cards are also flecked with gold.

The guidebook outlines the connection of each plant to the Tarot card it’s paired with, and goes a tiny bit deeper into the traditional Tarot meanings. The booklet also features an introduction with three sample spreads to guide your readings.


Pair the deck + guidebook with a luxurious velvet bag, perfectly sized to fit both items with extra room for crystals or talismans. I keep a selenite crystal in mine, to clear the energy of my deck every time I tuck it away.

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