Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my mom/friend/dog instead of my partner?

This retreat is designed to be experienced as a couple, and as such, we ask that both members of the couple be present.

What if my partner cannot attend last minute? 

Since this is a retreat designed for couples, we highly encourage you both to attend in-person. We are not currently offering refunds on tickets, but if you let us know the details we would be happy to figure out if we can transfer your ticket to another event (we are planning some January dates in the North Bay!)

Will there be a meal provided? 

This is an afternoon workshop, so though there won’t be a full sit-down lunch, we will be providing light snacks, and we will have something for the carnivores, vegans, and gluten free-ers. Please let us know if you have an allergy concern and we will do our best to accommodate you!

My partner is super shy/private, will this be an issue?

We are committed to creating a safe space, in which anyone can feel free to express themselves. There will be some group interaction, but mostly our goal is to facilitate communication between you and your partner. The space will have several private areas where you can tuck away for a more private conversation if needed. We will also be providing a workbook to take home, if you want to work through the more personal details on your own time together, outside of the retreat.

The cost of this workshop is out of budget, do you offer discounts?

We are offering a small discount to couples who are working with either Boheme Events for planning or Bowerbird Atelier for custom stationery in 2020!


I've never done a couples workshop before - what's it like?

We will be guiding you through several activities to help you both feel more aligned and connected to one another for the process of planning a celebration. We won’t be doing anything weird or scary, promise! It should feel very intentional and comfortable.

What do we need to do in preparation for this workshop?

Prior to the workshop, you will receive a form to fill out with your partner, so you can both start diving into some of the themes of the retreat. We will review your answers to better tailor the experience to the couples attending.

How can we expect to feel after the retreat?

You should both feel more connected, clear, and intentional about planning a celebration of your relationship together!

How will this workshop help us plan our wedding?

While this is not your typical How-to Plan a Wedding Workshop, it will help you think about planning this celebration of love in a different way - versus the standard cookie-cutter way that many end up getting lost in. We will guide you to meld your combined intentions so that your process is aligned with what you both value for your future. There will be plenty of planning tips and tricks that naturally come out of our time together but the focus of this retreat is really about you as a couple developing a clear map of attainable intentions.

Will we receive a discount for wedding planning services?

Absolutely! Discounts for future retreats and services will be discussed at the retreat.

What is tarot? Will we receive a tarot deck?

Tarot is a card deck developed in Europe in the 1500’s, and is traditionally used for divination. In the modern context, we like to think of it less as a fortune-telling device, and more of a way to tap into and have an intuitive conversation with your subconscious. During the workshop, Stephanie will be walking you through the basics of using tarot, introduce you to some wedding-specific tarot spreads, and will send you home with your very own copy of her Fleurot Tarot Deck!

How will we be supported after the workshop?

We will be sending you home with an intentional planning workbook, with questions and exercises you can visit (and revisit) as you continue your planning process. Will will also have options to purchase continuing support access to both of us, if you would like more one-on-one support after the retreat.

I already have all of my vendors (wedding planning, stationery) - should I not come to this workshop?

You should totally come! Even if you have lined up all of your vendors, the tools you will learn in this workshop will help you and your partner stay on the same page as you hash out all of the little details. Planning a large event can get stressful as it nears, and approaching those last-minute decisions from an intentionally aligned place, alongside your partner, will make it a total breeze so you can both actually enjoy the process!