I’m Stephanie - the owner of Bowerbird Atelier.


In nature, the bowerbird collects feathers, berries & bits of color to make a nest that attracts & inspires a mate. I like to think this expressive little bird’s spirit of creativity, individuality & love is part of everything I make.

I’m passionate about helping committed couples curate a visual language that perfectly represents their unique love, so that they can share it loudly and proudly with their community. I believe that no two couples are alike, and that event stationery should reflect that individuality!

With a background in Graphic Design and branding, I thrive in the challenge to create stationery that is not only beautiful, but heartfelt. Something that perfectly represents what your love is all about, and the ritual of your union.

I’m also excited to be diving into the realm of product design, and exploring the connection between connection and ritual through my Fleurot Tarot Deck & related paper products. I love finding ways to intersect my deep interest for intention and ritual with my ongoing passion for community connection and celebration.

When I’m not designing stationery, you can find me working in my garden, cuddling with my two cats, playing the banjo, or doing any number of craft projects (right now it’s knitting!) 

Stephanie Laursen of Bowerbird Atelier | Photo by Buena Lane Photography
Bowerbird Atelier Studio | Photo by Buena Lane Photography
Bowerbird Atelier Studio | Photo by Buena Lane Photography

I am lucky to live in the gorgeous Bay Area, and I work out of my home studio in Oakland, California. I conceive, design and produce everything I make in this inspiring space and I love to invite clients over to drool over paper samples or oggle cool, interesting materials.

(Studio photos and headshot courtesy of Buena Lane Photography)



I want to make sure my style is a fit with yours.

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