Bowerbird Atelier is a stationery + floral design studio for weddings and events. 


We're stephanie and Sarah. We design the invitations, the flowers and the elements that make your experience feel inviting, immersive and authentic.

You don’t have to conform to what every other wedding looks like.  You can have a voice. This is about joining hands (and hearts!) in a dream setting. This is about creating a celebration that feels rich with intention.

So let’s get a little vulnerable, a little less like everybody else, and a little more thoughtful, unexpected – even lighthearted! Let’s invite your friends and family to step into this experience you’ve created as you step into your lives together.



Stationery Design
“I love intentional & thoughtful details. I’m all about tactile, textured, design – from the paper, to the lettering, to illustration and unexpected materials. Never craftsy. Always custom. Let’s create a heartfelt & handmade feel.”

Our Inspiration
In nature, the bowerbird collects feathers, berries & bits of color to make a nest that attracts & inspires a mate. We like to think this expressive little bird's spirit of creativity, individuality & love is part of everything we make.

Floral Design
“I love to get a little daring, or simply a little less cookie cutter about your flowers. I get excited about creating designs that feel fresh from the garden, the field, the woods. Let’s create something elegant but also unexpected.”