Save the Date: Yay or Nay?


My favorite part about weddings? They are absolutely unique to you, the love of your life, and the community you will be married in front of. And one of my favorite pieces of advice for engaged couples is to do the things you think are important or meaningful to you, and forget the rest.

That being said, there are a few reasons sending out Save the Dates can be extremely helpful for your guests:

It helps out of town guests with their travel plans.

Vacations are the most fun, and a vacation specifically to celebrate the union of people you love is the best. Send a save the date to let your friends from across the country (or the globe) know that this special event is happening, so that they can plan their vacation around it and book their flights ASAP.


It helps everyone plan for a place to stay.

Weddings usually involve lots of adult beverages (yay!), which also means you want to make it easy for guests to plan accommodations the night of your wedding so they don’t have to drive home. This is also why listing your wedding URL on the Save the Date can be super important, so you can start adding info about hotel blocks or recommended places to stay in the area.

It gets everyone super excited!

Wedding planning can be really stressful (as much as we try to enjoy the process), and planning can feel overwhelming in the beginning. Sending out a Save the Date gets the word out that you are about to have an epic-life-changing-celebration, and that you want that guest to be there, so they can get excited with you!


Save the Dates also don’t have to be a huge deal. Email is fine (I’ve prepped plenty of digital files for clients to send via Paperless Post, where it’s free to upload a custom image!), and a simple postcard will suffice too. As long as it has your names, the date, and a general location it will get the job done. I also recommend adding your wedding URL if you have your site set up in time. And, if you are getting engagement photos done, it can be a fun place to feature your favorite image from that shoot!

Need help with your custom Save the Dates?

Definitely know you need Save the Dates, but not sure when you should start? Check out my post about wedding stationery timelines for more info!