The Nest

A Peek Inside the Bowerbird Atelier Studio in Oakland, California

I am lucky to live in the gorgeous Bay Area, and I work out of my home studio in Oakland, California. I conceive, design and produce everything I make in this inspiring space and I love to invite clients over to drool over paper samples or oggle cool, interesting materials.

I have an intense love affair with plants (although I am still learning how to keep them alive) and having them around makes my studio feel so much more inviting.

I’ve been collecting things to add to my small altar, which sits next to my computer. Sometimes when I need a break it’s nice to turn away from the screen and light a candle, or meditate on a crystal.

I spend most of my time at my desk staring at my computer, but on days when I am assembling or packaging invitations I love using my huge trestle table from Ikea.

I’m constantly inspired by things in the world, and I think it’s so important to incorporate some sort of inspiration board into a studio space. I use this wall to pin up or display things that I love.

My background is in graphic design and letterpress, so my garage space holds a platen press that I am working on restoring. I hope to get my hands messy printing again someday, even if it’s just for fun!

07 Bowerbird Backyard.jpg

The best part about my space is my backyard - since my studio is underneath my apartment, anytime I need a break I can step out into the garden and watch the hummingbirds and bees going about their busy lives.

Thanks for stopping by - it was so fun to share my space with you!